Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nethbridge Day 4

At last it was time to tackle the famous  Silver Maze!
We split up into our 2 groups and headed off to try challenges on different parts of the course.
Team work was the name of the game.

Group 1 at the Spider's Web.

Group 1 cross the minefield.
Group 1 at the blindfold challenge.

Group 1 raise Leah up over the abyss.

Group 2 at the pipe challenge.

Group 2 try to solve the triangle puzzle.

Group 2 working together to move the silver ball.

Alex with the group at Mission Impossible.

Thinking it through at the Code breaker.

Memory map - it gets more difficult as you progress!

In the afternoon it was time for archery and canoeing, or rather, archery, canoeing and jumping in!

Group 2 at archery.

Group 2 at the pond getting ready for a paddle.

Standing on the gunwhales.

The canoeing pond at Abernethy on a beautiful Spring day.

I can paddle standing up!

The moment Isla has been waiting for!

Altogether now!

Group 1 at archery.

At the end of a muddy morning and soaking wet afternoon it is time for another swim.
Now we are looking forward to the barbecue tonight!

Our pine cone land art competition has produced some nice results!
3D cone stars.


A cone broch - or is it a sun?

Tomorrow we have our final activity - climbing and abseiling at the big tree!
Come back to our blog to see how we get on!


  1. Another action packed fun day, looks like you all are having a great time.

  2. Just had a look at these pics and looks great fun! What a fab trip for the kids to remember!! I've enjoyed hearing all the adventures that were had..