Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Nethybridge Day 3

This morning we went off into the forest for an adventure.
Forest walk.

Along the way we played some games and learned some new things about the environment.

Oxgen game.
 It was great to be in a real forest and to be able to play and discover what was around us.

Two tribes meet in the forest.
 After a break in a sunny spot with a magnificent view of the Cairngorms we played a 'camouflage' game.

Time for a break.

The view from the platform was great but we still managed to hide from the instructors.
 A little further on we made some shelters from what was lying around on the forest floor.

Shelter building.
 In the afternoon it was time for skiing on the dry slope.
After getting all the kit ready we learned how to put the skis on, take them off and how to stand up if we fell over.

Listening to Pete.
 After a while everyone was doing really well, thinking about good body position and trying to change direction on the way down.

Nice and controlled!

Ellie 'high fives' with Alex after another great run.
 Well done everyone! While the experienced skiiers worked on some 360 turns and backwards skiing everyone else achieved lots of new skills.

Of course sometimes it didn't work out quite so well!

 After an exhausting day a dip in the pool was much appreciated.

Having a good splash!
More to come tomorrow.
Slide shows of the dozens of photos we took today will be posted here next week. 


  1. Another fab day..great having forest adventure followed by dry ski slope and then a dip at end of day! How lucky with all that sunshine....the week is flying in - I bet you'll all sleep sound tonight...thanks for the update again as it's fab being able to follow what the kids are doing ;-) sleep well to all

  2. Another busy day - jam packed and full of adventure. Not too many bruises from the ski slopes I hope!
    Amazing that we are at Thursday already - I am sure the time is going quickly for you all as well.
    Enjoy today!

    Mrs Miller

  3. Oh what fun!! The ski slope looks like a great challenge, and the tree adventure must have been a trees like that in Orkney! Looking forward to more pictures :-)