Monday, 25 April 2011

Nethybridge Day 1

The first day of the class trip to Nethybridge has been great. There was a bit of swell crossing the Firth but everyone coped well. We passed the time with games and books, and ate a little lunch.
Home made top trumps are the best!

Girls share their magazines.

Time to relax.

The bus journey went smoothly - our stop at Capaldi's was much appreciated.
We even had a DVD.

Ice cream time on the bus.

Finally we arrived and settled in to the chalets.
A quick game of football and it was time for dinner. Leek and potato soup, chicken casserole then pears and ice cream. Yum!

We have arrived!

Time to phone home and go to the shop before more games on the lawn and then 'Time Out' in the theatre.

Time to phone home.
Day 1 is nearly over - we can't wait for the activities to begin tomorrow!
We will post more photos here tomorrow evening.


  1. Great to see the pics of all the kids and the group photo is a cracker. Heard all good reports when I had my 'phone home' call. Thanks for the update on the Blog - hope you all have good sleep and fab day 2m! I heard there was quite a swell on the boat!! Take care to all
    Ruth - Euan's Mum

  2. What lovely weather. Looks like you are having a great, giggly time! It is great to be able to have a look at photos already - thanks Miss Mackay.
    Sleep well and have a great day tomorrow.
    Alice -Robbie's Mum

  3. Great to see the photos from yesterday. Hope you all slept well last night after the day spent travelling. The forecast for the week is great - what a bonus! - looking forward to seeing photos from today's activities.

    Mrs Miller