Friday, 27 August 2010

Muddisdale mesostics and dramatic developments

This week we visited Muddisdale.
The woods were planted near our school about 10 years ago, so they are about the same age as us!
We went there to 'harvest' words which we could take back to school and use to create word clouds and mesostic poems. You can read our mesostic poems on the poetry page of our wiki.

The trees have grown tall and thick.

Finding words which describe flowers.

Group efforts reap rewards.

Working in pairs outdoors.
 We have created old Orkney families. The Drevers, the Cloustons, the Millers and the Linklater families met in the hall to meet old Geordie and find out about life on an Orkney farm about 150 years ago. They visited each other to find out about the family news and then shared the gossip with the neighbours! There were a few revelations... someone wants to go to work in Kirkwall and another revealed a skeleton in the cupboard!
'No! really? is that whit she said?'

Sharing the local news.

The womenfolk wait patiently.

The lads look ready for a dance!

The spare boy looks on as the nine pins gets underway.
The boys scramble for the girls!
We were very lucky to have a visitor come into tell us about farming in Orkney and how inportant horses were on farms. They needed lots of looking after but everyone relied on them to work very hard on the farm in the days before tractors.

Many thanks!
We will be going back to Muddisdale for more writing activities and to make land art.
Later in the term we will be going to Corrigall Farm in our drama roles.
Stay tuned to find out what develops next in our old Orkney families drama!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Our first week in P7

We have all enjoyed the first week in our new class. We are doing a lot of exciting things this year. The first of these has been to create our own 'Old Orkney Families'. We also started creating our own book trailers. You can find out about book trailers here. Next week we are going to Muddisdale with Mrs Firth and starting after school pool sessions. Please visit our blog later to see what we have been doing.