Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Icelandic visitors

This week we have had visitors from Iceland. Asgeir Ingi and Anna Karen are from the north east of Iceland. They came with their parents, Unnsteinn and Rosa, and Sif.

Unnsteinn and Sif  have come to Orkney to share the archaeology project they have done at Asgeir Ingi and Anna Karen's school.

Speaking English as your second language in another country - well done!

Anna Karen writes in Icelandic - the alphabet and pronounciation are different.

Counting to ten.

We learned from them how to count to ten in Icelandic and to say, 'Hello, my name is..., 'What is your name?' and we found out a little about their school and what Iceland is like. We showed them around our school. We hope that we will be able to make a link with their school and share some of our work with them.

Many thanks for coming to visit!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Book trailer bonanza!

We watched the Charlie Higson live author event on Glow today and then we finished off the last few book trailers.
We have nearly uploaded them all. Why not have a look at them on our wiki.
Perhaps you will find a book you would like to read!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What a great day for a trip!

Today's scheduled trip to Walliwall to paddle canoes and do campcraft activities was postponed til next term because high winds were forecast. However it turned out to be a glorious day! We tried to make the most of it anyway.

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 We took the trimmings from the willow sticks which we had prepared for the campcraft and planted them in the school grounds. We hope that they will make good roots and then we will be able to coppice them so that they grow long stems. They can then be harvested when needed and used for shelter building and other things. If it grows well it might look like the field of willow that Orkney College are growing at Muddisdale.

1 metre apart please.

Don't forget the watering in!

Here you go!

Spot the willow trees.

Done - our mini Muddisdale.
  In the afternoon we took our shelter building 'kit' up to Muiddisdale to test it out in different locations.

Group 1 - the traditional tipi.

Team work and good communication.

Group 2 - tipi in the trees.

Group 3 - 2 tripods and a cross piece.

The tarp goes over.

Tying on with bark bindings.

Everyone in!

Today's trip gave us some ideas for activities we could do with Primary 1 at Muddisdale, we will be planning for that soon, but first we need more tarps and a few more willow stems.
We might even make our own hammocks!

So we had a great day outside after all, but look forward to our Walliwall trip next term.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Our visit to Stromness

This week we visited Stromness to walk through the street and visit the museum. We found out a lot about the history of Stromness from the plaques on the buildings and from looking at the features of the street as we made our way to Logan's Well and the cannon.

We learned lots about the past from the plaques along the street - there were lots of them.

Looking at the old street which retains many of the original features.

At the cannon which fired a salute as the HBC ships arrived and left.

Thank you once again to our parent helpers without whom we would not be able to go on these trips.
We hope you enjoyed it and learned a few interesting things too!

Hockey Festival and Tag Rugby

In the last week lots of people in our class have been taking part in hockey and rugby events at Picky.
Tag rugby at the outfield.

It was a good opportunity to meet children form other schools.

Our hockey players.

Everyone in the all weather pitch.