Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What a great day for a trip!

Today's scheduled trip to Walliwall to paddle canoes and do campcraft activities was postponed til next term because high winds were forecast. However it turned out to be a glorious day! We tried to make the most of it anyway.

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 We took the trimmings from the willow sticks which we had prepared for the campcraft and planted them in the school grounds. We hope that they will make good roots and then we will be able to coppice them so that they grow long stems. They can then be harvested when needed and used for shelter building and other things. If it grows well it might look like the field of willow that Orkney College are growing at Muddisdale.

1 metre apart please.

Don't forget the watering in!

Here you go!

Spot the willow trees.

Done - our mini Muddisdale.
  In the afternoon we took our shelter building 'kit' up to Muiddisdale to test it out in different locations.

Group 1 - the traditional tipi.

Team work and good communication.

Group 2 - tipi in the trees.

Group 3 - 2 tripods and a cross piece.

The tarp goes over.

Tying on with bark bindings.

Everyone in!

Today's trip gave us some ideas for activities we could do with Primary 1 at Muddisdale, we will be planning for that soon, but first we need more tarps and a few more willow stems.
We might even make our own hammocks!

So we had a great day outside after all, but look forward to our Walliwall trip next term.


  1. I really enjoyed going to muddisdale to create the tipis!!!I really hope we can be allowed to go again and make more things and maybe even a hamick!!!
    Amy P7

  2. What super fun - learning at it's best!
    Mrs Rendall