Friday, 29 April 2011

Nethybridge Day 5

At the end of day 4 we had a game wih the other school, Insch Primary, on the playing field.
Is it The Ba'?
 Then it was time for a barbecue and a sing-song round the fire.

Waiting for our sausage rolls.

Songs with actions as the sun goes down.
 The following morning it was a hive of activity as everyone squeezed their belongings back into bags which seemed to have shrunk and tidied up the chalets.

In our 2 groups we tackled the climbing wall and the abseil tree.

Getting to grips with the climbing wall.
Waiting to go up and encouraging those who are coming down.

Maddy leaves the platform.

Making her way down.

Well done Maddy!

Robbie sets off up the tree.
Soon it will be time to get on the bus (named Isla!) and head home. We have had a brilliant time. The Centre staff have been fantastic, many thanks to Alex and Pete our instructors. The weather has been amazing and we are very grateful to our parent helpers.

Chalet D girls.

Chalet C girls.

Chalet B boys.
Thank you Bridget and Kenny,
...and Mrs McRae!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Nethbridge Day 4

At last it was time to tackle the famous  Silver Maze!
We split up into our 2 groups and headed off to try challenges on different parts of the course.
Team work was the name of the game.

Group 1 at the Spider's Web.

Group 1 cross the minefield.
Group 1 at the blindfold challenge.

Group 1 raise Leah up over the abyss.

Group 2 at the pipe challenge.

Group 2 try to solve the triangle puzzle.

Group 2 working together to move the silver ball.

Alex with the group at Mission Impossible.

Thinking it through at the Code breaker.

Memory map - it gets more difficult as you progress!

In the afternoon it was time for archery and canoeing, or rather, archery, canoeing and jumping in!

Group 2 at archery.

Group 2 at the pond getting ready for a paddle.

Standing on the gunwhales.

The canoeing pond at Abernethy on a beautiful Spring day.

I can paddle standing up!

The moment Isla has been waiting for!

Altogether now!

Group 1 at archery.

At the end of a muddy morning and soaking wet afternoon it is time for another swim.
Now we are looking forward to the barbecue tonight!

Our pine cone land art competition has produced some nice results!
3D cone stars.


A cone broch - or is it a sun?

Tomorrow we have our final activity - climbing and abseiling at the big tree!
Come back to our blog to see how we get on!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Nethybridge Day 3

This morning we went off into the forest for an adventure.
Forest walk.

Along the way we played some games and learned some new things about the environment.

Oxgen game.
 It was great to be in a real forest and to be able to play and discover what was around us.

Two tribes meet in the forest.
 After a break in a sunny spot with a magnificent view of the Cairngorms we played a 'camouflage' game.

Time for a break.

The view from the platform was great but we still managed to hide from the instructors.
 A little further on we made some shelters from what was lying around on the forest floor.

Shelter building.
 In the afternoon it was time for skiing on the dry slope.
After getting all the kit ready we learned how to put the skis on, take them off and how to stand up if we fell over.

Listening to Pete.
 After a while everyone was doing really well, thinking about good body position and trying to change direction on the way down.

Nice and controlled!

Ellie 'high fives' with Alex after another great run.
 Well done everyone! While the experienced skiiers worked on some 360 turns and backwards skiing everyone else achieved lots of new skills.

Of course sometimes it didn't work out quite so well!

 After an exhausting day a dip in the pool was much appreciated.

Having a good splash!
More to come tomorrow.
Slide shows of the dozens of photos we took today will be posted here next week. 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nethbridge Day 2

Day 2 began with getting kitted out for the Zipe Wire.
At the store we got harnesses and helmets.
Getting ready.
 We walked down to the zipwire landing in the sunshine and got ready.

The safety check.
 Everyone zipped across the pond.
Even Mrs Moodie and Mr Walker!

Zipping over the pond.
 The team at the landing pulled everyone in safely.

Being pulled in.
 After a break it was on to the adventure course.

In the cargo net.

Up the rope ladder.

Hold on tight!

The wobbly log.
 After lunch it was orienteering. First it was photo orienteering and then we used maps and pegs. In teams we had our own mini-adventures with mud trying to fnd all the locations!

Orienteering - the map!

...and they are off!
After a swim and dinner it will be another jam packed evening!

There will be lots of video and photos to bring home - slide shows will be appearing on our blog next week!
Come back here tomorrow for another  photo bulletin!