Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Nethbridge Day 2

Day 2 began with getting kitted out for the Zipe Wire.
At the store we got harnesses and helmets.
Getting ready.
 We walked down to the zipwire landing in the sunshine and got ready.

The safety check.
 Everyone zipped across the pond.
Even Mrs Moodie and Mr Walker!

Zipping over the pond.
 The team at the landing pulled everyone in safely.

Being pulled in.
 After a break it was on to the adventure course.

In the cargo net.

Up the rope ladder.

Hold on tight!

The wobbly log.
 After lunch it was orienteering. First it was photo orienteering and then we used maps and pegs. In teams we had our own mini-adventures with mud trying to fnd all the locations!

Orienteering - the map!

...and they are off!
After a swim and dinner it will be another jam packed evening!

There will be lots of video and photos to bring home - slide shows will be appearing on our blog next week!
Come back here tomorrow for another  photo bulletin!


  1. Looks like you are all having a great time and what fab weather! Well done on the Zip wire - you are all very brave......... Thanks for keeping up the Blog Ms Mackay - it is really appreciated.
    Rememeber the sun cream Ellie and keep Mimo oot o the mud!

  2. Well done, P7s (and Mrs Moodie & Mr Walker!) - you've faced and met some real challenges already. Looking forward to the blog on how you get on with the dry ski slope activities - enjoy the sunshine!
    Mrs K:)

  3. WOW! Oh you guys, you are so lucky! You seem to have done such a lot of fun things already - NB looks fantastic! The blog is great - thanks. Well done for getting up in the morning Kayla....keep it up!!

  4. Great to see fab pics again and I heard what a great day was had with my 'phone call' home. Wish I was there as I'm sure everyone is learning lots as well as having fun!! Well done to all with zip wire!! Everyone should sleep well tonight! Have fun 2m...

  5. What fun you all are having and the weather looks great. I am so jealous the zip wire looked fantastic. Thanks for keeping us up to date with the blog, we love the pictures - keep up the good work everybody!
    Sheena & David :-)

  6. What a great first day of activities - lots to keep you busy - the zip wire looked long. What fantastic weather you are having as well! Looking forward to seeing todays photos - thanks Ms Mackay for putting them up - it is good to see what you are all doing.

    Mrs Miller