Monday, 28 February 2011

March 3rd - World Spelling Day and World Book Day

This week we have lots of big events! March 3rd is going to be extra busy!
On World Book Day we will be bringing in favourite books to share with each other. The books should be carefully chosen - they might be picture books from your early years or library books which you are reading at the moment and can't put down! Is there an information book you like to look at over and over again?

If you are stuck for reading inspiration have a look at the World Book day website for kids. There is a page of videos of trailers, talks and reviews - lots of interesting books there!

Check out one of the trailers here...

We are also preparing for World Spelling Day.
You can practice at home as well as at school!

Fairtrade fortnight

This week we will be thinking about Fairtrade. We are going to take part by decorating faitrade cotton bunting and sending it off for the attempt to break the world record!  We will put some pictures of our beautiful bunting here soon.

Do you know what fairtrade is? We will be finding out how it works by playing a trading game this week.
Have you bought any fairtrade products this week?

Fractions are fun!


If the game is blocked on your computer just use this link instead - Fractions are fun!

Thursday, 24 February 2011


 This week refugees from Greenland arrived at the borders of Redland and pleaded to be taken in. They told us that their country was suffering from famine, drought and pestilence...

The Greenlanders came offering to return teh ancient flag of Redland as a gesture of goodwill.
The citizens of Redland had to discuss their options.
The rules of Redland made reaching a decision difficult.

The flag is accepted

A parliament is held.
The sacred stone of Redland is passed around at the Parliament as everyone gets a chance to voice their opinion and listen to each others ideas for what should happen next.

To be continued...

Medal winners

Class 7 badminton and cross country medal winners - Well done girls!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Number patterns

Maths homework for week beginning 21st February.


This week do the quiz here as well as the game.

If you need a bit of help to remember all the types of numbers we have been learning about look at this page
and click on the topic you want some help with. 

Make Do and Mend and the Gruffalo gang!

Friday afernoons are 'make do and mend' time in Class 7.

Making the rag rug - patience and cooperation needed.

Making stuffed toy animals from odds and ends.

The 'Gruffalo gang'
 Meanwhile some P7s are working with a group of P1s on a favourite literacy topic - the Gruffalo!
After a treasure hunt to find some missing bits and pieces of the Gruffalo there was a song and a game.

Gruffalo complete!

The make do and mend table - a great place to sit and chat and listen to a few tunes on the wireless while you work.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Translation, rotation or reflection?

Here is the maths game for the week beginning Monday 14th February. Try the activities a few times so that you are clear about the differences between these three ways shapes can be transformed.


Friday, 4 February 2011

A phone call from India

Mr Geddes has arrived in Goa, India and phoned us today from the orphanage at our link school where it was half past eight in the evening and very hot.
We talked to one of the children and explained that it was about 3 degrees here today and that we had hurricane force winds last night!

Speaking to one of the children in India.

'Its snowing here right now!'
Looking forward to our next phonecall on Monday!