Monday, 28 February 2011

March 3rd - World Spelling Day and World Book Day

This week we have lots of big events! March 3rd is going to be extra busy!
On World Book Day we will be bringing in favourite books to share with each other. The books should be carefully chosen - they might be picture books from your early years or library books which you are reading at the moment and can't put down! Is there an information book you like to look at over and over again?

If you are stuck for reading inspiration have a look at the World Book day website for kids. There is a page of videos of trailers, talks and reviews - lots of interesting books there!

Check out one of the trailers here...

We are also preparing for World Spelling Day.
You can practice at home as well as at school!

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  1. I love the world spelling website, level one was too easy but level 5 wasn't too hard but there was a couple of really tricky words.