Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kirkwall Archive and the Orkney museum

As part of our project this term we are looking at lots of sources of evidence which tell us about the past in Orkney. In particular we are looking for information about how the area near our school has changed and how people have used it over thousands of years.

Taking a closer look at old maps.
 Our first stop today was the Archives at the library. The staff had got some really intersting letters, maps and photographs of our part of Kirkwall and the Glaitness area. The Peedie Sea has changed a lot as the land was gradually reclaimed from the cathedral all the way back to where it is today over hundreds of years.

Original documents have to be covered - you can't touch them.

Snack time at Tankerness House Gardens.
 In the museum we found artefacts from all over Orkney which help us understand how people lived through the ages. We think some of the most important objects are the Orkney Hood, the Scar plaque and the insect brooch.

Drawing the details of medieval objects.
Soon we will be investigating our own locality and we will share with you what we find here on our blog.

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  1. Another interesting trip and a great day for a visit to Tankerness House Gardens.
    Sheena - Kristopher's mum