Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Paddling and pyjamas in the pool

This term we have been going to the pool after school to finish off some of the tasks for the Rookie Lifeguard Award. We have also been paddling kayaks and finding out about traditional Inuit kayaks which have been used in the Arctic for thousands of years for hunting. Some of the children in our link school in Igloolik go hunting after school and in the holidays.
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Treading water and raising the alarm.

Junior lifeguards pool practice.

Trying to save energy and warmth.

Floating in the HELP position.

Practising with paddles, going forward.

Turning and stopping with a paddle.

Getting back to the finish position.

Going forward and stopping.

Practising turning on the spot.

Look where you are going.

Slowly and controlled...

Developing good control.

Getting to grips with the paddle.


  1. I love the pictures of the life guarding- you all look very relaxed and good at floating. The Kayaking looks really controlled too. Do you fancy trying it in the Arctic?

  2. Sorry forgot to say that was from Alice, Robbie's mum!

  3. The Kayaking looks great and I think it's good the class had opportunity to do this in a safe environment (kept my mind at peace!) thankyou!!