Thursday, 18 November 2010

International Education Week

This week we welcomed Richard Bates, a geophysicist who has worked extensively in the Arctic, to share his experiences of measuring how quickly the glacial ice is melting in Greenland. Richard showed us some amazing photographs of  the work he is involved with in the Arctic. We already know that Inuit commuities are well aware of the situation through our link school in Igloolik, Nunavut. Richard's visit supports our our work on the Arctic, global warming and sustainablity this term. BBC Radio Orkney will be broadcasting a piece about Richard's visit on BBC Radio Orkney on Friday 19th Nov.

We will put the recorded report on our wiki shortly.

Richard Bates, Mary Saunders (Orkney College) and Class 7.
Later in the year we hope to work with Orkney College geophysicist, Mary Saunders, as part of a local archaeology project. This work will be shared with our link school in Iceland and through the North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation.

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  1. The photographs were amazing and talking to someone who has really been there makes the situation very real don't you think?