Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Canoeing and campcraft at Walliwall

This week we went to Walliwall to find out about campcraft skills and to paddle like Orkneymen working for the Hudson Bay Company.
We had challenging weather but, with John Rae as our role model, we were not deterred!
Two teams took on a challenge of making a shelter with tarps and upturned canoes.
They cooked bannock dough over the fire and paddled a raft of canoes as traders.


  1. It looks a lovely day in the photos but I know how COLD and WINDY it was. Well done for surviving it and managing to get the fire going. Looks like you all enjoyed eating the dough!

    Alice ( Robbie's mum)

  2. Although it was very cold and we had some showers I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The cold weather made the whole experience more authentic I think!
    I was very impressed with how you all worked together to make your shelters and no one complained of feeling cold!
    I know it was tough paddling your raft at times but again your teamwork was fantstic. Well done everyone.
    Oh, and your dough was tasty too!

  3. Sorry I'm so late catching up to see this - the dough was lovely - I loved the interest it created in cooking at home! Glad the weather eventually went in favour to have this day out - I must remind someone about the yummy dough! Thanks