Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Scapa Flow aboard the MV Graemsay

Equipped with de-classified maps Class 7 went aboard the MV Graemsay, on a reconnaissance mission around Scapa Flow to see for themselves the remains of 'Fortress Orkney' with Anne Bignall of Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership. On route Tim Dean of the RSPB informed us about the natural environment, birds and wildlife which we were observing  as we made our way from Stromness, through Burra Sound, past Scad Head, between Cava and Fara, past Houton and over Bring Deeps and back to Stromness.

Our reports can be seen on our wiki page, 'Scapa Flow report'.
Many thanks to Julian Branscombe and Anne Bignall of Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership for organising and making this opportunity available to us.


  1. What an absolutely fantastic trip and experience!! I have learned a lot from your day out and reports.

    Pauline - Kayla's mum

  2. Sorry so late with this but what a fab trip. I enjoyed it as much as the children!! Great seeing all the other thing you have been doing. Look forward to the upcoming trips in May..thanks

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