Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hectares,cakes and willow art

 We began the week with a visit to the outfield at Picky to find out how big a hectare was.

We used the trundle wheel to measure out the 100m sides of the square.

We tried to keep the opposite lines parallel.

We stood at 25m  intervals along the sides of the hectare.

It gave us a good idea of how big a hectare is!

Using the 1:25 000 OS map which is laid out in a grid of square kilometres.
Back indoors we used maps to try to understand the size of the hectare compared to a square kilometre.
We continued the week with a bake sale to find out how big our appetites were!
Thanks to all our families for providing for the ever popular fund raising event. The money raised will pay for transport costs for our P7 trips.

We finished the week by displaying our Willow Art...

...and our Class mesostic poem about Muddisdale in our exhibition area.


  1. I think your Muddisdale poem so encapsulates the time of year, the magic of the place itself and a real sense of mood. Wonderful.
    Your willow art is so intricate, beautiful simplicity...
    You have had a very successful and busy week! Great homebakes too....

  2. I really enjoyed being with you to measure the hectare and it has helped me to see it as a unit of area too. It's a great way to help you improve your map reading skills by being able to visualise it in yout mind.

    Your Muddisdale work is lovely and I particularly like the willow art.

  3. The willow art was very interesting and creative!!!

    Amy's Grandma

  4. I really enjoyed looking at all the different willow art!!!I also enjoyed going out to the playing feilds at picky to measure 1 hectare!!!Even though it was windy it was very fun maths time!!!


  5. I love the willow art, simple but beautiful.

    Robbies Mum

  6. The willow and land art created by class 7 is truly lovely.
    It will hopefully be shared with a wider audience.

    Angela Rosie